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1. MOUNT THE INVERTER BOX on the column of the mill, preferably on the back where it is clear of chips and coolant.  Wherever it is mounted, check that it is positioned so the Inverter-to-Operator Control Box cable length is enough to allow mounting the Operator Control Box on the left side of the head, and the Motor cable can reach the motor connection box (Figure. 1).  ¼-20 button head screws are supplied for mounting the box.  

2. MOUNT THE OPERATOR CONTROL BOX on the left side of the head as shown in Fig. 1.

    For a step pulley head refer to Figs. 2 and 3.
    For a variable pitch pulley head refer to Figs.4 and 5.

4. REMOVE THE OLD MOTOR REVERSING SWITCH and cable. The old switch will not be used. Instead, the motor rotation will be controlled by the switch on the Operator Control Box.

5. CONNECT THE INVERTER-BOX-TO-MOTOR CABLE directly to the motor. DO NOT route it through the old reversing switch since it is not needed and it can cause damage to the inverter. If the connection from the inverter to the motor is opened while the inverter is operating, the inverter will be damaged.

6. MOUNT THE LIMIT SWITCH ASSEMBLY in place of the existing quill travel scale.  Insert the EXPANDABLE PIN in the quill knob hole and tighten the setscrew to lock it in place. If the pin is too loose a fit in the hole, use the split sleeve packed with the pin to take up the excess clearance. Adjust the limit switch bracket close enough to the Expandable Pin so it actuates the switches as the quill travels up and down. The fixed upper switch must be actuated when the quill is at its upper limit of travel, and the adjustable switch must actuate at the desired lower limit of quill travel.

7. CONNECT THE ELECTRICAL SUPPLY to the inverter box. The electrical wires should be fed through the access hole on the bottom of the box. Connect the wires to the terminal strip next to the access hole.


   POWER UP.  Put the Direction Switch at the OFF position. Release the E-Stop switch by rotating it CW until it pops out.  Momentarily depress the E-Stop Reset button, which clears the stop condition and turns off the red alarm light.
      CAUTION! Always put the Direction Switch at OFF before releasing the E-Stop and
      pressing the E-Stop Reset. The purpose of the E-Stop Reset is to prevent the motor
      from starting up unexpectedly when the E-Stop is released and the Direction Switch
      has been left at FWD or REV.  THE MOTOR WILL START IMMEDIATELY

  START the motor by putting the Direction Switch in the FWD or REV position.  Set the speed by rotating the speed control knob. This is a ten turn adjuster. Read the spindle RPM on the digital display. If the motor is rotating in the wrong direction, shut off the power to the equipment, then interchange any two line wires in the motor connection box. Changing the line wires to the inverter will not change the direction.
  To use the speed presets, press the pushbutton associated with the speed you will like to "preset".  When you press the pushbutton, the blue L.E.D. will light up on the selected preset.  Ensure that the Direction Switch is either in the FWD or REV position.  Adjust the control knob located next to the preset selected to set the spindle rpm you want.  You can repeat this procedure for the remaining presets.  Now all you have to do to select a preset speed is press the pushbutton switch associated with the speed you previously set.  The active preset is indicated by the blue LED on the pushbutton switch.  Whenever the unit is powered down it will default to the MAIN CONTROL upon power up.  You may then select any other preset speed you previously set. 
  STOP the motor by putting the direction switch to the OFF position. The motor will dynamically brake to a stop.

  EMERGENCY STOP  is done by pressing the red E-Stop button on the control box.  This causes the motor to quickly come to a stop and disables the FWD/REV control.  To restore operation, you must first switch the FWD/REV switch to the OFF position, then release the E-Stop button by rotating it clockwise ¼ turn, then you must press the E-Stop reset button.  After pressing the E-Stop reset button the red LED should then go out and allow you to  resume normal operation.

  AUTO-TUNE:  If you have installed the optional Baldor motor, you can skip the Auto-tuning procedure on the next page. If you are using the original motor (or any other motor) , do the Auto-tune procedure to ensure optimum performance.

  TAPPING is enabled by putting the TAPPING ENABLE switch in the "1" position, and the blue LED next to the switch will illuminate to indicate tap mode. This activates the micro switches that are mounted on the bracket next to the quill down stop assembly. The upper micro switch is at a fixed position and it's function is to set the spindle rotation back to its initial setting.  To set the depth at which you would like the spindle to change direction:
1.Move the lower switch down to the lower limit of travel.
  2.Start the spindle in a forward rotation by switching the Direction Switch to FWD. you can set the spindle rpm to a low speed for this setup.
  3. Now manually lower the quill to the depth you require the spindle to change direction, then lock it in place so is will not move. 
  4. Loosen the thumbscrews on the lower micro switch and move it up just until the pin on the quill knob  makes contact to actuate the switch and cause the spindle rotation to reverse.  At this point lock the micro switch in place by tightening the thumbscrews.

Return the quill to the top position, which is done after each tapping operation,   and you are ready to begin tapping.


 Power up the unit. At initial power up the display on the Hitachi inverter should be 0.00 (red digital display inside the equipment box, not the blue display on the control panel).
 Press the "ESC" button three times. The display should read   A001 .

 Press the  "UP ARROW" button twice. The display should read  A002 .

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read  01 .

 Press the "UP ARROW" button once. The display should read  02

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read A002 .
 Press the "ESC" button three times. The display should read  H001 .

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read  00 .

 Press the "UP ARROW" button twice. The display should read 02 .

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read H001 .


 Press the "RUN" button once. The Hitachi inverter will make some whining sounds, the motor will rotate, then stop. After about a minute, or less, the display will read  ---0 .

 Press the "STOP/RESET" button once. The display should read  0.00

 Press the "ESC" button three times. The display should read  A001 .

 Press the "UP ARROW" button twice. The display should read  A002 .

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read  02 .

 Press the "DOWN ARROW" button once. The display should read  01 .

 Press the "SET" button once. The display should read  A002 .

 The Auto-tuning is now complete.



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